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Oh, you fucking moron. Now the world's gonna end because. Didn't your momma ever tell you how to read?

Dragon Age: Origins....Good Deal or Not?

2009-09-09 12:38:50 by Xinimater

A new game is coming to GameStops near you! Dragon Age: Origins.

Well, I took a look at the game and it looks pretty awesome. Fighting, RPG, realistic graphics that don't make you barf, and nice combat system.

But I did notice a couple of things that are not so great with the game.

1) For those of you WOW fans, you know how the combat system works out: You click, he swings his sword. You press a certain button, he shoots a fireball. Well, that's basically the same system with DA: you click, he swings his sword. You press a certain button, he shoots a fireball.

2) The "Buddy-Buddy" system. For those of you who play ES: Oblivion and Morrowind, you know how tiresome it can get. WOW fans, you don't have to worry about that because your buddies are actually buddies that have common sense NOT to get in line of YOUR fire. The NPC in ES, however, only have the AI to help them, and it not much of a guide much less a death trap. And since this isn't an online game, your buddies in DA are, surprise! NCPs.

My problem is, when you're trying to kill a zombie or such, your buddies want to help too. Well, an extra pair of hands wouldn't hurt. Only problem is, THEY KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY! So of course a few minutes later, I killed my buddy and the zombie killed me. <.< Isn't that nice? That's why I don't play with buddies and just play with cheats. XD

3) The Points System. In FFXII you had to get licenses to wear a HAT? o.0 Well, same problem in DA. You need points you obtain from fighting to get a hat. Just like in FFXII, these points are not refundable. You have been warned if you spend all your points on axes when you find a VERY powerful sword and you can't use it because you blew it all on hats and axes.

Now onto the good stuff!

1) Lots of variety. They added in so much stuff that everybody doesn't look the same. And do the same too. You can steal cookies from little fat kids, seduce ugly guards, get drunk at a Nordic bar, and run around screaming your head off while being chased by a dragon. Yep, lots of fun.

2) More complex fighting strategy. In Oblivion, if you were an archer, you had to do with shooting at a range because frankly, you get killed shooting right in front of the guy's face. In DA, you can actually kill them from a distance and up close and personal, not to mention headshots and one-kill shots and...I guess Penis shots as well. XD

3) You can be good or evil and it has actual consequences! *In Oblivion, you have to have a humongous bounty on your head for people to hate you and for guards to kill you. Otherwise, they just hate you, and that's not nearly as fun.*

Is it a good deal? Well, that depends on what you like.

1) If you played WOW and didn't like it after the first couple of days: Probably not worth it.

2) If you played ES games and didn't like it after the first couple of days: Probably not worth it either.

3) If you played FFXII and you absolutely HATE the licenses thing: Don't bother. Cause that's what the game revolves around. Go figure.

Me? I like RPGs and lots of fighting and I don't mind the licenses, so maybe I'll work around the Cons to have the most fun stealing cookies and having the biggest selection of hats in the world. And who knows? Maybe the small amount of sexual content of the game will get you striving for the game, coming out this November. *IF it doesn't get delayed for the third time. <.<*


2009-07-14 15:34:00 by Xinimater

The admins resolved the problem, so all is well until next episode.

Still, caused quite a bit of a riot. I'm surprised they didn't delete all the medals permantely to see how Newgrounders would react.

'Course, they probably don't want their 10 year-old site destoryed. >.>

Are you Fucking KIDDING ME?!?

2009-07-14 15:20:42 by Xinimater

Great! Now I have to earn all those medals AGAIN! Good lord, do you know how long it took me to get some of those medals, you moderators?!

Shit, now I want to kill somebody....


2009-07-10 15:39:28 by Xinimater

Finished "Newgrounds Pass 3". And I got all the medals now! WOO!!

Man, I hate that sliding puzzle at level 27. I think that's the only medal I had the hardest time getting, worse than trying to get the "Insane" medal.

But I guess there's a reason why it is worth 100 points. >.>


2009-07-09 13:28:26 by Xinimater 76824/2

Does Simon really think I'm stalking him? That's just gross and there's several reasons why:

1) While I'm a female and he's a male, Simon is GAY. And I really don't like dating homosexual men who are confused as to what gender they really are.

2) He's religious and I'm not, therefore we repel each other. Nuf' said.

3) He's just not my type. Which of course refers to the other reasons I mentioned.

Well, I don't know about you, but he better not start putting his moves on me or I swear I will put a Trojan on his computer. *I'm a programmer, therefore I can do those types of things. >:-)*

Catholics,,,,what can you do?

2009-07-08 11:16:49 by Xinimater

Seriously, people who believe in religion are really stubborn people. And so are atheist, I guess. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a thread where you can catch up... 75233/6

Yeah, so anyways....This "Troll" is really stubborn. He doesn't believe in logic and...get this...if his house is on fire with his family in it and God tells him to go fishing, guess what?

He'll go fishing.

o.0 Pretty stupid if you ask me. He puts God before family and thinks that God "has plans for everyone." I don't think suicides are part of God's plan, do you?

And if God is really who he his, we wouldn't be in this predicement: At war with other nations, diseases everywhere, cancer, obesity, know the drill.

And TankBuster has a point: He's a TROLL. Maybe he's just here to make everyone a stupid catholic and make everybody's lives worse.

Eh...I like to argue. >:-D

Red Moon

2009-07-06 19:40:38 by Xinimater

Hmm...seems that the awards for "Red Moon" are a little glitchy. >.> What can you do?